Our History

9to5 Grinders was founded in 2016 and is a family owned and operated business out of New York State. Our company is small but dedicated to our customers’ culinary success. Our brand represents the highest quality spice grinders available on the market, while also being a stylish accent to any kitchen.

Our Mission & Vision

Our goal at 9to5 Grinders is to bring the most robust flavors to our customers’ kitchens by making it easy and fun to access freshly ground spices. We look forward to helping you create amazing dishes and our products are available now on Amazon!

Dedication to Quality

Our products are machined out of solid pieces of high grade aluminum which allows for precision engineering, a solid feel in your hand, and the sharpest and longest lasting teeth you can find. See the video below for a snippet into how they’re made!

9to5 Grinders

EMB Commerce LLC

300 West 17th Street

New York, NY 10011