Using Whole Spices

Whole spices are great because cooks want the freshest and best flavors. Also whole spices stay fresh longer than after they are ground since they keep more oil for longer due to less surface area exposed to the air and light. Store your spices in a dry, dark, and cool space.

Using and Grinding Whole Spices

After buying whole spices you can use them in many ways. You can use whole spices as they are but that usually requires a longer cooking process. You can also toast your spices for a more robust flavor. However, our favorite method is to grind the spices, releasing all the best flavors they have on offer.

There are a few ways to grind spices. See our how-to guide on how to use the 9to5 Grinders Spice grinder on our website for more information.

The best spices to grind yourself and getting the nicest flavor are, in no particular order:

  • Cloves – a very strong flavor for savory meat dishes, they can also be used in desserts when ground and mixed with other spices.
  • Fennel – These go well with root vegetables, soups, and meat. Just like your favorite sausage flavoring!
  • Black Cardamom – An intense flavor that does well when cooked for long periods, especially in Indian dishes like masalas.
  • Nutmeg – Often a more dessert-oriented spice – great for cakes, pies, and the holidays!
  • Black Peppercorns – A classic, all-around spice that can be used in almost any savory dish

Check out our very own recipe book with more ideas on how to make the best use of these spices in our favorite dishes.

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